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Beautiful Broken 

Beautiful Broken is a project inspired on erosion of the earth, the history of a landscape. For this project a location next to the river The Maas in Rotterdam was researched. A location that once was full of nature and now is an abandoned piece of asphalt. And it made me look at the differences of how mankind destroyes nature and how beautifully the earth breaks down itself. 


This piece is inspired by the river and water erosion. Just as erosion, ‘Beautiful Broken’ is a product originated from process. By poring liquid wax on a surface without any use of a mold or adjusting the shape with tools. handing over the whole process to gravity and the material characteristics. 


the shape of wax that develops over time is used as a negative mold and melted out the piece after it’s cast. because of this each piece in this serie is unique.


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