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Ellis Holman (born 27 January 1997, The Netherlands) is a visual artist who draws inspiration from the landscapes around her and tells their narratives by translating them into art installations. She uses her passion for film and photography to analyze her surroundings and then works with an iterative process to translate what she finds fascinating into her own visual language. A process in which she keeps searching for the right combination of material, technique, form, and movement that reflect the atmosphere and poetry of a landscape. Coming from a long family line of carpenters she always had a special place for material and craftsmanship. That combined with the atmosphere of landscapes and releasing emotions in the viewer is what thrives her. Creating works that stimulate the viewer or make them contemplate. 
While studying product design at the Willem de Kooning Academy she explored her fascination for the natural elements around her. Instead of using those materials for designing a functional product, she decided to tell stories with them. Firstly to express her vision on certain social issues. But slowly creating more personal projects, becoming an autonomous visual artist who creates work from an urge to share how she sees and experiences the world around her. Creating work with which the viewer can connect. Inspired by kinetic art, the escapism art movement, and neuroaesthetics (the experience of art on a neurological level) she developed her graduation project ‘The Narrative of Sunlight’, a series of kinetic art installations supported by a short film. What became clear in this project is that she works in a multidisciplinary way. She is not focused on one material or one type of technique. But looks for the right medium for the story she is about to tell. 

Her work was selected for Best of Graduates 2022, nominated for the Lakeside Collection Award, shortlisted by Arts Thread for their Global Design Graduate Show, and acquired by the Lakeside Collection, the Art Collection of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, as well as private collections.

Ellis Holman _ portrait.jpg

Photo by Tomáš Libertíny


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