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Ellis Holman, The Narrative of Sunlight _ Chapter N.1, kinetic light installation, 100 x 7

The Narrative of Sunlight

‘The Narrative of Sunlight’ is a series of kinetic light installations created by Ellis Holman and reflect on her fascination for the behaviour of sunlight around us. The series consists out of three separate light installations that come from the same narrative. The goal of the work is to create a contemporary form of escapism inspired by the optical effects of sunlight. Creating a wondering moment of seeing something beautiful but also the curiosity of how it is created. Pieces that make you think but also let you return to a moment of timelessness and give you a reminder to take a deep breath. A work that gives the viewer an opportunity to escape.         

Chapter N.1

The first chapter of 'The Narrative of Sunlight' is inspired by the forest landscape and the very common optical effect of how light shines through the leaves before it hits the ground, it’s so common that we don’t always notice the optical effects. What fascinates me about this, is that all plants and trees need sunlight, but adapt, grow, and position themselves in for them the best way for survival. If you look closely at this landscape, you can see how the shape of the forest is affected by light, and it makes me wonder if we do the same. Chapter N.1 is programmed in a way that it chooses by itself where the light will go, with this unpredictable movement I want to keep the attention of the viewer. Let their eyes follow the light and take their attention away from their daily life.


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